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Marble Countertops

Marble Countertops

Few materials can add to the luxuriousness of a room like marble. Every space that uses it has its own unique character because no two slabs of marble are alike. The beautiful, often subtle veining bring an elegant feel to any room in the house or office.

Marble’s purity and luxury has been used in art throughout the ages and can turn your space into a work of art. Carrara marble countertops are the most common type of Italian marble. Its near white color with light gray veining offers a soft and feathery touch to any space. 

Choose the Right Marble Surfaces for Your Space

Nature rarely creates stones as white as marble which adds to its rare beauty. But marble is also available with more color depth than simple shades of white and gray. Get hues and accents of yellow, green, pink, and gold to complement your space.

There’s an art to joining marble slabs. Let Texas Best Countertops help you pair pieces that combine in a beautiful, artful sculpture. We can combine together cross cut and vein cut to book match slabs to best accent your kitchen, bath, or office.

Even though the most common finish for marble is a polished look, you can choose a honed finish for a matte look. Honed marble also helps to hide nicks and etching. For a unique look, you can even choose to have your marble installed with a brushed finish.


Marble Surfaces Are Worth It

Some worry about the care needed to keep their marble surfaces in pristine condition. But part of marble’s charm is in its patina. Over years of use, despite the slight imperfections, a well-cared for marble countertop can become even more beautiful than the day it was installed.

If you’re not scared of a little extra work to maintain a marble slab, it can be a beautiful addition to your space. Marble can complement a wide array of design styles, which ensures your surface will last for years to come. Let us help you pick the perfect marble countertop!

Marble Countertop Edges

Marble allows for edge profiles to choose from. Curved edges are popular for marble to help avoid chipping.

Eased Edge
A simple eased edge takes a little sharpness off a 90-degree corner.

Bull Nose Edge
A timeless edge with the profile of a half circle.

Demi Bullnose Edge

Mitered Edge
An edge that uses a 45 degree angle joint to give the appearance of a thicker slab.

Get Beautiful Solid Surface Countertops You’ll Love

1. Choose Your Marble

Pick the finest stone with patterns that are perfect for your space.

2. Order Your Countertop

We’ll install a stunning surface for the form and function you need.

3. Love Your Space

Add luxury to any room with the perfect marble countertop!

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How to Care for Your Marble Countertops

Special care is needed if you’re going to have marble countertops. Always use a trivet or heat pad for pots, pans, and baking sheets. Be careful not to whack it with a heavy pot. The only cleaners you should use are mild soaps. Always use cutting boards.

Sealing your marble countertop is a must. Like other natural stone surfaces, expect to apply a quality sealant at least once a year. You may even want to consider sealing your marble surfaces every 3 to 6 months, depending on use and abuse.

Even with sealing, marble can be etched by acidic foods like lemons and tomatoes. So keep those on the cutting board. Honed marble gives you some protection against etching and scarring. Etched marble can often be repaired with a good polishing powder or a very fine grit sandpaper.