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Our vision is to enable our partners to grow their business and customer base by offering stone surface solutions for their projects with a service that they can trust.

We work with companies on a variety of projects including bars, hotels, restaurants and office spaces throughout the state of Texas and Oklahoma.

Our quality stonework will help elevate your business’ aesthetics.

Our services in a nutshell

Backsplash Installation

Countertop Installation

Custom Countertops

Countertop and Tile Sealing

Countertop Repair

Stone Installation

Stone and Countertop Sales

This is how we're ready to help you

1. On the same page
as your team

We work shoulder
to shoulder with your team

Cohesion is the path
to a successful project

Design, construction, electricity, illumination. Sometimes getting your business up and running depends on multiple factors and you end building a team of several specialists to create your workspaces.

We're prepared to hit moving target install dates, coordinate well with all associated trades and our team will show up on site well-versed with safety, PPE and commercial job site etiquette

A long term relationship
that will last through the years

We focus on the relationship between business and business, and we are committed to all aspects of quality and satisfaction.

Our customized profit growth plans and services have established a mutually beneficial relationship for you and your team, while providing excellent services and products.

2. Growing up
with your business

We strive to give
you the best experience

3. We are experts in
our trade

Transforming raw stone
into your dreams

Delivering on our pure
passion for details.

At Texas Best Countertops, we are committed to delivering quality and fair service across a wide variety of natural and engineered stone installations. No matter how fancy your idea is, we're going to make it for you.

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Commercial References

We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse some of our projects below
and enjoy our craftmanship with love for every detail.

Some of our customers

Eleganza Tile-Dallas, TX

Rokwood-Dallas, TX

Studio Movie Grill-Dallas, TX

Wahlburgers-Dallas, TX

Gallo Nero-Frisco, TX

The Wicked Butcher-Ft. Worth-TX

The Adolphus Tower-Dallas, TX

And many more