Welcome to our Trends Series for 2019! We love to start off the year with a peek forward and a few predictions about where we think design is heading in the new year. Although your own home should definitely be a collection of spaces that you love regardless of what is popular, looking at different trends can be fun and help you to evolve your own personal style. Throughout January we will be sharing a series of posts that will look at old design trends that continue to be popular, trends on the rise, and how to evolve your look without starting from scratch or breaking the bank.

Amber Interiors

Today we are starting with a shift we are seeing in the kitchen. We have long loved the classic clean look of white marble. Yesterday, in our post 5 Timeless Trends to Work into your Projects this Year, we shared that it’s a look to stay.  However, if you are craving something different, black countertops are on the rise and they are bold and beautiful.

Remedy Design

Why go Dark?

Dixon Kirby Homes

Black is an edgier neutral that adds polish and a bit of drama to your space. Paired with white and natural woods, it provides contrast and helps get that layered organic look that we have been loving. Plus, dark natural stones are more forgiving than bright white marble; they stain less easily.

Get the Look

Dana Lynch Design

This is a look that everyone can embrace. Black countertops can have a sleek polish that looks perfect in modern designs, but when paired with more traditional kitchen elements they take on a rustic Old World quality. Let them pop against light cabinetry, or blend with dark for a monochromatic look. Another idea, if you want to keep your kitchen feeling airy and light, is to pair them with white marble and use black only on the island, or against one wall.

Dark Counter Options

Becki Owens Villa Bonita Project.

Dark natural stone is really beautiful. Use black marble for it’s rich veining. Or check out soapstone to get the look for a little less with a little less maintenance. Black quartz, like I used in my Villa Bonita kitchen, is effortless and crisp looking with solid color and texture.

Veranda Estate Homes

I am excited for this series, we have lots of cool trends lined up to share. Make sure that you check out all our 2019 Trends throughout the month, or catch up on any you miss by finding them all under the Categories tab at the top of the webpage.